Epoxy Coating

The Details

Did you know that Epoxy Floor Coating can really improve your home in many different ways, it can enhance and protect for many years and even in most cases improve the sale of your home. Epoxy Floor Coating and help brighten up and protect your basement, garage, and even patios along with concrete steps. Corner to Corner is Grand Haven’s most professional company when it comes to Epoxy Floor Coating! Call today for you free estimate! Your home is a big investment and if you are one of those people who love to do things yourself and want to protect your floors Residential Epoxy Coating can preserver your floors for years to come. We can ever if you would like design special layouts for you.

Epoxy Coating adds a new look to your areas, and has a very long lasting effect. Oil can be cleaned up much better and will not soak into your concrete floor. We can also add non-slip surfacing agents to protect you from a slip and fall accident and again clean up is very easy. If you ever go to sell your home this will be a big selling feature to the buyers.

About The Project