The Details

There are so many reasons why Corner to Corner Epoxy Coating is your first choice in Industrial Epoxy Coating. We take the time to prepare your floors for a long lasting effect. Our professional team will ensure that everything is done the first time and done right. Corner to Corner Epoxy CoatingĀ in Grand Rapids is a company that believes in making sure the job is done correct and to the customers expectations and this is why Corner to Corner Coating is number one company that is trusted by so many Industrial Companies throughout Western Michigan. By hiring Corner to Corner Coating you are going to be sure that the job will be done right the first time and even with a simple follow up weeks after the job has been complete. Our goal it to make sure that we walk away confident that it was done right.

Did you know that there are different applications for applying Epoxy Coating to your place of business. What makes us stand out above the rest is the way we apply the coating, our methods cannot be beat and it all starts at the beginning.

Corner to Corner Coating can do almost any design you want, if that even means imprinting your logo with in your company floor we can do that. We also can offer counter tops and industrial sink coatings as well. We have a long list of companies that trust Corner to Corner Epoxy Coating to always go the job right with attention to detail, it is up to you do you want to hire a company that doesn’t care to get it right the first time, or do you want to make sure that you have a long lasting life in your investment. This is why you should hire Corner to Corner Coating.

About The Project