The Details

When you are looking to make a difference in your floor in your business you need to know that Corner to Corner Epoxy Floor Coating is your first choice. We can make your floors look great and last for years, and it will give your store or restaurant a new look and long lasting results. Epoxy Floor Coating is always the best way to go because it protects and clean up of spills is easy! Commercial Epoxy Coating is really been proven to even outlast carpeting and much easier to maintain like we have said. You will be amazed at the amount of work that will go into your floor, but know this the job will be done right and that again all starts from beginning to end, NO shortcuts at Corner to Corner Coating! We do it right the first time so you know your investment will last a long time.

Once you see the results and see how it will look you again will be amazed and don’t forget we also do custom logo imprinting into the Epoxy Coating giving your floors a different look. We are the only company in Grand Rapids Michigan that has that ability to create patterns within our process.

About The Project